You'll Always Stay Beautiful

by Broshuda



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A meeting of worlds that was always meant to be happen, even before we knew it: Broshuda on NoCorner.

The Berlin-based artist makes uncompromising sound works & graphic art based on abstraction, forever in search of new worlds, creating bittersweet spheres in exchange for a taste of the strangest fruit that glides through the frequency spectrum.

As a sound artist and graphic designer, he has made a mark in many circles across the world, both with his live performance and physical output in shapeshifting editions, as well as his work behind the scenes, curating exhibitions & events that meld the worlds of graphic and sound art.

After many talks with him over the past year or so, trying to figure out how to approach this release, we figured that his two-part, 33min piece ‘You’ll Always Stay Beautiful’ should be the one that cements this relation.

A meditation on cyberspace self-help, using text-to-speech conversions from a self-help Twitter bot, his work takes a look at a darker aspect of a very imminent social future for us humans.

But rather than an obvious criticism, ‘You’ll Always Stay Beautiful’ lets the listener indulge in which ever way they feel. Placing the all familiar, and ultimately still very human commentary in a light-headed tangle of computerised harmony, melody and abstract rhythm…

‘Spend Time With Your Parents, Treat Them Well… Because One Day, When You Look Up From Your Phone – They Won’t Be There Anymore’.

You’ll Always Stay Beautiful points out the absurdities of such automated emotional help facilities in our social internet age, but also remembers the beautiful fragilities that make up the human mind, which is always in search of strength and reassurance, and ultimately – love.

Illustration by William Binta.

Cassette specific:
Risoprint poster design by Broshuda.
Cassette & inlay design & layout by Broshuda & Studio Tape-Echo.


released March 12, 2019


all rights reserved



NoCorner Bristol, UK

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